Human Resources
        For today's companies, the greatest capital and wealth is the company's talents and company competition is talent competition.

        The Company adheres to the philosophy of putting people first, establishes the talent-first development strategy and implements humane management. Since its establishment, the Company has received attention and care of all circles and excellent talents in various fields, like life sciences, computer, marketing and management, have joined us. The Company has developed a high-level, high-quality, united and passionate research team and a competent executive management team, of which 87% have bachelor degrees and 45% with master's and doctoral degrees. We welcome professional scientific research personnel at home and abroad, complex management personnel and senior marketing personnel to join our team for joint development.

        The Company has established a corporate culture with strong solidarity and cohesion combining external incentives and staff’s inner motivation, aiming to become a collaborative and learning-oriented company:

        > Provide employees with an equal opportunity to compete for promotion;
        > Encourage employees to have active learning and innovation according to the principle of equality and personal success;
        > Have full mutual trust and authorize employees to participate in decision-making and management;
        > United, innovative, active and colorful corporate culture;
        > The Company has established an internal and external network information communication and sharing system to organically combine individuals, departments and the management with employees, the Company and the society;
        > The Company offers good benefits and holds regular and irregular communication and training in terms of knowledge, technology, and social skills for employees; 
        > Benefits and Rewards:
        > Establish R&D result conversion award, special contribution award, project award, thesis patent award, rational recommendation ward, etc.;
        > Provide employees with physical examination items as well as tourism projects annually;
        > Hold regular tours, tea parties, group dinners, sports and other group activities.