ODM Service

Protein Chip Customization Service

       HealthDigit is China’s first high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development of protein chips for clinical diagnosis and has first-class biochip manufacturing and testing facilities domestically. HealthDigit has been committed to the biochip product development and has developed a series of key technologies and innovative processes with independent intellectual property rights, including HD-2003A spotters, HD-2001A biochip readers, LU-07 biochip readers, etc. We have many years of experience in the research, development and services of protein chips and provide customers with customized antigen chips, antibody chips, etc. for scientific research, test, clinical diagnosis, etc. 

Technical principle:

       The basic principle of the protein chip technology is to orderly immobilize a variety of proteins on various carriers like NC membranes and slides to become chips for test, then use antibodies labeled with specific fluorescein or other components to react with the chips, wash away the components that fail to complement proteins on the chips, use a biochip reader or fluorescence scanner to determine the light intensity of each point on the chips and use the light intensity to analyze the interaction relationship between the components on the chips and the components of the solution to be tested, thereby achieving the purpose of determination.


Service process:

        1) Customer’s provision of biological samples (antigen or antibody) and acceptance after check.

        2) Preparation of spotting solution and use of HD-2003A spotter for spotting.

        3) Chip fixing; if there is no follow-up experiment, chips will be delivered to the customer; if there is a follow-up experiment, it will proceed to the following processes.

        4) Chip reaction experiment.

        5) Chip scanning and data analysis. After washing the chips, use the HD-2001A biochip reader to read chips and extract and analyze data.

        6) Provision of a results report (including hybrid images, data results and variance analysis results).



        1) Customization of protein chips: customize protein chips (antigen or antibody chips) according to customers’ requirements. Customers only have to provide necessary antigen, antibodies and other reagents. Customers can also commission us to complete the follow-up experiments.

        2) Chip experiment and data processing: customers can provide chips in hand and necessary reagents for us to complete experiments and data analysis and processing and help customers to complete all experiments.

        3) For the chip experiment results, we can also provide verification services, such as use of the Western or ELISA method to verify the results.

        4) We can also provide full biochip ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services.


Service advantages:

       1、Higher, faster and more accurate: higher throughput, faster speed and more accurate objective results;

       2、Better quality control: a control system consisting of substrate quality control, spotting quality control, quality control within the plate and plate-to-plate quality control;

       3、More competitive prices: parallel test of a number of indicators and with low prices;

       4、More perfect customization service: we can customize protein chips according to customers’ requirements and complete follow-up experiments;

       5、Professional service team: experienced technical team, reliable data processing methods and bioinformatics analysis capabilities to provide customers with strong technical support;

       6、More professional and better after-sale services: completely independently-developed complete solutions from reagents, instruments to software, which are more professional and more convenient.

       7、More comprehensive confidentiality measures: we will sign confidentiality agreements with customers to keep customers’ information in strict confidence.