Tumor Marker Detection Products
       Tumor marker detection product series use parallel detection capability of biochip technology combined with immunological analysis methods to make simultaneous test of multiple tumor markers, thus solving a problem that has been plaguing people in clinical diagnosis—how to quickly andeffectively  find tumors in the early stage.
       The products are based on antibody sandwich immunoassay and  chemiluminescence  methods.Solid matrices are coated with multiple specific antibodies  to capture tumor markers in serum samples, and asecond set of antibodies (labeled with tracer markers) also specific to the tumor markers are applied to trigger catalytic chemical reaction to generate optical signal which is read by a dedicated chip reading instrument for quantitative test of tumor markers.
       The products have high sensitivity and specificity, fast test speed, high throughput, low price and so on to be able to make parallel detection of a variety of tumor markers and applicable to screening for populations at high risk of tumors, auxiliary diagnosis of suspected cancer patients and clinical follow-up of cancer patients.
       At present, HealthDigit has the following three tumor marker detection products: