SHMY HealthDigit Biochips Co., Ltd. is a technologically advanced largebiochip production base established in Chinese Mainland by Hong Kong Mingyuan Medicare Development Company Limited (Stock code: 0233) with an investment of US$ 29.8 million. The company has a  designed annual production capacity of 8 million biochips built on a 22-acre land with a  building area of several  thousand square meters.
      Huzhou HealthDigit Co., Ltd. is the first high-tech enterprise in China  dedicated to the research and development of clinical diagnostic protein chips. Currently, Huzhou HealthDigit has first-class biochip manufacturing and testing facilities in China and the company has  total assets of RMB 650 million yuan.
       HealthDigit’s scientific and technical personnel come from first-class universities and research institutions with strong biology background and a wealth of practical experience. HealthDigit has adopted the mode of operation of modern biological high-tech enterprises,, established a huge academic network, and maintained close contact with the most advanced international research institutions.As such, HealthDigit has been at the forefront of biological research and development of protein chips.
       HealthDigit’s sustainable development enables competent people with dreams and ambitions to find a platform to show their talents, and their wisdom, passion and dedication have resulted in the creation of the exciting product lines. HealthDigit has not only the world’s first protein chip products for clinical diagnosis—the “protein chip system for multi-tumor marker detection” but also innovation in major infectious diseases such as tuberculosis by developing China’s first tuberculosis diagnostic products using the ELISPOT technology. The Company  also has made notable advancement in developing various  instruments and test kits for the diagnosis of autoimmunity diseases.
       HealthDigit’s future business and development objectives are: to develop and produce industry-leading biochips and biological sensors and become one of the top high-end manufacturers and services providers of biotechnology products with biochip technology as the core in China. HealthDigit’s products and services have covered major hospitals and medical centers in China’s 27 provinces and cities and have been sold to Thailand and Malaysia.
      HealthDigit adheres to the corporate motto of “Care for health, passion for life” to make full use of achievements of human civilization and technology, insists on technological innovation, continues to provide advanced, accurate and efficient disease test and prevention tools for the market and makes unremitting efforts and contributions to improve human health.